of employees said they would be less stressed if they had more flexibility.*

women are currently leaving the workforce, in great part due to a lack of support and flexibility.**

of employees have left or are looking to leave due to a lack of flexible work options.*

Address the ever changing needs of your employees…easily.

LLUNA helps HR professionals compete in attracting top talent and retain them through the many phases of life.


Help your HR team recruit with more flexibility in the overall compensation packages they can offer.

Inclusive Benefits

With the ability to offer policies that are more inclusive for your diverse workforce.

Employer Brand

Show the world that your company values a people-first mindset for a meaningful employment experience.

It’s time for Personalized Employment.

Customizations abound in life—because every person is different. Just look at the complexity of coffee orders!

Yet somehow HR is still hampered in providing flexible work arrangements—when they most need them.

It’s time for Personalized Employment.

Employee preferences change over time, companies evolve and grow, as does the global landscape—LLUNA is designed to support every phase.

What is voluntary turnover costing you?

Research shows the cost to replace an employee ranges from 50% - 200% of annual salary.

1 year:


3 years:


† assuming 5% headcount growth.

*This model assumes a 100% replacement cost"

Save money by retaining more employees.

Companies are excited about LLUNA

Collaboration is key.

LLUNA is built for integrating with the HR tech ecosystem.

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