For every phase of working life.

The landscape of work and what employees value is ever changing. Adapting rapidly helps businesses compete and win in the marketplace. Now they can do the same for their workforce.

From leading people teams to leading a people first company.

TL:DR – If you can personalize coffee, devices, and medicine why not personalize employment arrangements? With no current technology addressing this, we knew it had to be built.

Jess Podgajny


Co-Founders Jess Podgajny and Aaron Kamholtz have always been passionate about people. Although people make up the backbone of every company, they witnessed countless exits due to seemingly solvable reasons. While leading teams, they experienced first-hand how the tension between work and life leads to disengagement, frustration, stress, and often, resignations.

Jess and Aaron both realized their careers had developed in phases. There were times they wanted to work and expand their careers and there were other periods where they needed more flexibility, savings, or time to take care of personal matters. They knew it was time to rethink how employers engage with their workforce. It was time for LLUNA.

Aaron Kamholtz


LLUNA reflects the phases of the moon; always changing just as people’s lives change and evolve— an extra “L” to emphasize life.

The Team

Jess Podgajny


Aaron Kamholtz


Youying (Jodie) Zhou

Data Engineer

Michelle Carini

Culture Operations Manager

And you!

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Advisory Board

Cynthia Patterson

SPHR SHRM-SCP Head of People, Litmus

Marcia Zaruba O’Connor

CEO & Founder, The O’Connor Group

Stela Lupushor

Chief Re-framer at Reframe

Vicki Sack

Co-founder, Juno Search | Partner Juno Capital

Our values guide us.

Our FRESH take on core values fuels our mission to create harmony between work and life.



We believe that the best ideas, actions, and results are imagined when people have the freedom and flexibility to operate on their own terms.



We creatively problem solve with an open mind and determined heart.



We listen and examine from all perspectives, with compassion and conviction, as champions for inclusivity and attentiveness.



We know nothing worth doing is easy and simple is even harder; from the smallest task to the biggest goal, we challenge ourselves to “hit it with the simple stick.”



We succeed because we celebrate our wins, learn from our failures, laugh often, and collaborate to grow, happily.

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